EXTRON ESF-500 : Super Turbo Heavy Duty Diesel/Gasoline Engine Motor Oils For API Service CG-4,    CF-4, CE, CF-2, CD-II, CF/SH*
are value-added lubricants with a carefully balanced additive system that will give outstanding deposit control, minimize sludge and varnish, and control wear under the most severe service conditions. Formulated to provide the superior soot-handling and wear protection demanded by modern heavy duty diesel engines, they will help maintain long-term low emission performance . Available in multi-viscosity grades that offer superior high temperature protection along with easier starting and rapid oil flow in cold weather. The modern shear stable polymer used produces SAE l0W-30, 15W-40, 15W-50 and 20W-50 engine oils that stand up to prolonged use.Utilizing oil analysis, under OEM guidelines, it is possible to achieve extended drain intervals using EXTRON ESF-500 Super Turbo Heavy Duty Motor Oils. These products meet or exceed the following performance levels:API Service Classification CG-4, CF-4, CE, CF-2, CD-II, CF/SH, MIL-L-2104E, MIL-L-46152E, Mack EO-L and EO-K/2, Former Caterpillar Series III, Detroit Diesel two-and four-cycle, MTU Type 1, Mercedes-Benz 228.1, CCMC D-4 Caterpillar TO-2 and Allison C-4.* EXTRON ESF-500 Super Turbo Heavy Duty Motor Oils are recommended for commercial over-the-road fleets, construction equipment, buses, automobiles and other similar gasoline-or diesel-powered applications where a premium quality engine oil is required. Also recommended for LPG and CNG conversion engines in all types of service and natural gas engines operating on sour gas or under other severe service conditions.
 EXTRON ESF-550 : High Performance Gasoline Engine Motor Oil SAE 20W-50
is a versatile gasoline engine motor oil developed from a combination of petro-scientific expertise, advance engineering technology and years of meticulous and exhaustive testing
 EXTRON ESF-551 : High Grade Diesel Engine Motor Oil SAE 15W-40 / 40
is one sophisticated diesel engine motor oil designed for long term and heavy duty service. It contains a wide variety of the most advance and potent inhibitors and resistors that effectively reduces shock, temperature fluctuation, provides better compression, less blow-by, long- term operational stability, provision of a cooler operational temperature and forms a powerful and protective ‘liquid -wedge’ between wear-prone areas
 EXTRON ESF-552 : Universal Maintenance Lubricant SAE 10; 20; 30; 40; 50
is a universal maintenance lubricant that has a highly stable viscosity standard, that it remains constant throughout temperature fluctuation and retains its extra- ordinary texture regardless of varied conditions.
 EXTRON ESF-553 : Super Special Gear Lubricant SAE 90 / 140; 85W-140
is the most versatile oil in EXTRON lubricant family. It is a highly water resistant gear lubricant for use in nearly all enclosed and semi-enclosed gear systems. They have superior high temperature stability, corrosion inhibition, outstanding rust protection and essential extreme pressure properties./td>

 EXTRON ESF-554 : Multi-Grade Hydraulic ( AW ) Oil SAE 10W-40 / 20W-40
is a superior multi-grade hydraulic oil of the special Paraffinic  Base Stock.  It is a  highly viscous lubricant designed to function with superior result.
 EXTRON ESF-555 : Textile, Spindle & Thread Lubricant SAE 5; 10; 20
is a superior, quality-blended Textile, Spindle and Thread Lubricant .It is completely scourable and does not stain or mark fabric. 
 EXTRON ESF-556 : Racing Oil SAE 50
special performance racing engine oil was developed for competition or  ultra tough operating conditions for all four-stroke gasoline engines.  It is engineered to provide    enhanced  lubrication in highly-stressed, highly- tuned, and high output racing engines.
 EXTRON ESF-557 : EXTRON ESF-557 : Air Compressor Oil SAE 10; 20; 30; 40
is a superb Air Compressor lubricant designed to provide a new dimension to compressor safety and cost-saving functionality. 
 EXTRON ESF-558 : Refrigeration Compressor Oil SAE 20
is an ultra- low temperature, stable  refrigeration lubricant, designed to provide trouble-free, long term constant performance for all types of refrigerators -  light, medium and heavy duty.
 EXTRON ESF-559 : Automatic Transmission Fluid ( ATF ) SAE 20
is a highly heat-resistant automatic transmission fluid with a wide variety of built-in safety and cost-savings benefits.
 EXTRON ESF-560 : Transformer Oil; Dielectric Strength 35 KV min.
is a transformer oil with high dielectric values. All petroleum oils are hydroscopic, having an avid affinity for moisture, as they absorb moisture from the air - they lose their dielectric value.

 EXTRON ESF-561 : Food Grade Oil ( USDA H-1 ) SAE 10; 20; 30; 40
FG/FM  Food Machinery Oils will effectively lubricate most food processing and packaging machinery.  They are blended from exceptional quality, high viscosity index, paraffinic Food Grade White Mineral Oils that surpass the FDA requirements of 21 CFR 172.878 and 178.3620(a) and pass the USP requirements in the Lead Oxide Text.
 EXTRON ESF-562 : Vacuum Pump Oil SAE 10; 20; 30; 40
is a vacuum pump oil - very wide temperature range, multiple viscosity grade oil specially treated for maximum leakage resistance. Fortified with anti-wear, anti-foam, anti-rust and anti-oxidant stabilizer additives for long life. Vacuum Pump Oil has a special “ anti-splatter” additive for splash resistance and a slower “drip off” rate. It is primarily used as a combination replacement for individual SAE 15W, 20W, 20, 30 and “ light” 40 grade Hydraulic Fluids. This product is also being used as a medium viscosity way oil, and a winter rock drill oil. 
 EXTRON ESF-563 : EXTRON ESF-563 : Pneumatic ( Air Tool ) Lubricant SAE 10; 20; 30; 40

is a specially designed lubricant for pneumatic and or air-operated equipments.It provides exceptional protection and substantially increases the operating life of the equipment. It is a combination of superb selected base oils and carefully fortified synthetic supplements, among which is the extreme pressure (EP) additives which is of paramount.
 EXTRON ESF-564 : EXTRON ESF-564 : High Temperature Chain / Stenter Oil SAE 20; 30; 40
is a fully synthetic fluid lubricant engineered exclusively for chains. It employs the high technology originally derived from the space age in which a super micronized supplement is used to complement a high-grade synthetic diester base oil in the lubrication of chains.
 EXTRON ESF-566 : EXTRON ESF-566 : Heat Transfer Fluid ( Oil )
is a high quality HEAT TRANSFER LUBRICANT of superior thermal stability. It is engineered to the highest operating standard to resist sludging tendencies common with low quality oils.
 EXTRON ESF-567 : Silicon Oil 50 / 100 / 500 / 1000 / 5000 / 12500 Cst.
Silicones have a chemical backbone of silicon-oxygen linkages very similar to those in high temperature inorganic materials such as quarts, glass, and sand. This molecular backbone is much stronger than the typical carbon-to-carbon chains of organic hydrocarbon fluids, enabling silicones to provide superior performance in a wide variety of applications.
 EXTRON ESF-568 : Air Line Lubricant SAE 10
is an air-line lubricant manufactured and designed incorporating exceptional safety. It is made from the finest paraffinic base stocks available.

 EXTRON ESF-569 : Turbine Oil SAE 10; 20; 30
is  available in ISO Grades 10 to 460 including the ISO 32 and 68 grades specified by steam and gas turbine manufacturers like General Electric and Westinghouse.  Top quality high Vl base stocks compounded with a premium additive system yield highly rust and oxidation inhibited, doubly foam inhibited industrial turbine  oils with a good demulsibility and low temperature properties. EXTRON ESF-569  :  Turbine Oil  is recommended for use in steam and gas turbines and will provide excellent service in these applications as well as other industrial applications calling for a circulating or turbine-type R&O oil.
 EXTRON ESF-570 : High Speed Quenching Oil
is a special blend quenching oil designed to provide fast, stable, long life, high flash and fire points, proper viscosity and uniform quenching.It contains a special additive to wet out work rapidly, preventing the formation of gas pockets. It is fortified with stabilizer and anti- oxidant to reduce oxidation and to afford greater stability and low sludging characteristics resulting in considerable savings in expense of cleaning out lines, strainers, filters and cooling systems.
 EXTRON ESF-571 : Silicon Emulsion 35 % / 60 %
Silicon Emulsion is a versatile premium grade, non-ionic emulsion of polydimethyl-siloxane which is highly concentrated, stable and water-dilutable. Unlike ordinary emulsions, EXTRON ESF-571 consists of a unique, innovative, hydroxy end blocked dimethyl silicon fluid together with a highly efficient non-ionic emulsifier system. This results in excellent performance even in high dilution, long storage stability, superior film properties and outstanding release effects.
 EXTRON ESF-572 : Di-Electric Fluids
 EXTRON ESF-573 : Slide & Guide Lubricant
is an elastic, retractable, tacky lubricating oil formulated with special extreme pressure additives to cushion and lubricate load bearing and gliding surfaces of machine tools presses and other friction surfaces of other machineries.
 EXTRON ESF-574 : Calibrating Fluid
is a low to medium viscosity oil and intended for use as a fluid for calibrating the fuel delivery of diesel injection equipments. It has low aromatic content, selective boiling range, low pour point, and excellent fluidity. It offers low foaming tendency and good oxidation properties.
 EXTRON ESF-575 : Vanishing Oil
is an odorless vanishing lubricant developed for fin stamping and collar drawing in the air conditioning and heat transfer industries. It is a blend of odorless fast drying high flash point synthetic isoparaffinic hydrocarbon, high film strength lubricity agent, anti-wear, surfactant additives to maximize tool life and fin wettability, and anti-corrosion additives to insure a stain-free and bright surface finish of work.
 EXTRON ESF-576 : Two-Stroke ( 2T ) Cycle Motor Oil
is a quality straight mineral oil for all two-stroke cycle spark--ignition engines that maintain high engine performance with reduced carbon residue, and prevents piston-ring and cylinder sticking, plug whiskering exhaust -part fouling.
 EXTRON ESF-577 : Anti-Rust Oil
is a non-staining, non-emulsifiable and water displacing rust preventive. It does not emulsify even in the presence of alkali. It meets U.S. MIL-C-22235 for non-staining property of the film and U.S. MIL-C-16173D, Grade 3 (soft film) solvent cut-back, cold application corrosion preventive compound.
 EXTRON ESF-578 : Dust Stop Oil
is a premium quality oil formulated from refined napthenic base oils suitable as lubricant and dust seal of Banbury Mills.
 EXTRON ESF-579 : Drawing / Stamping Oil
is a heavy duty drawing compound that uses new chemical technology to provide high levels of lubricity and anti wear. This new technology uses a (passive EP) calcium based replacement for sulfur and phosphorus. The passive EP is coupled with 18% Chlorinated Paraffin to give excellent results in tough drawing applications.
 EXTRON ESF-580 : Honing Oil
is a premium highly refined oil for use on all sharpening stones. It is designed to insure the maximum suspension of metal fouling and abrasive particles for longer stone life and superior cutting efficiency.
 EXTRON ESF-581 : Slide Rite Industrial Way Oil Lubricant
SlideRite Oils are designed for use on slideways of machine tools.
 EXTRON ESF-582 : Coning Oil
is a high quality, paraffinic oil which has been solvent treated and dewaxed. It is free from undesirable constituents including unstable hydrocarbons, asphaltenes and other gum-forming compounds. The lard oil used in the manufacture of this product makes it highly emulsifiable when mixed with water containing soap or other emulsifying agents. This facilitates the removal of the oil from textile fabrics during boil-off processes.
 EXTRON ESF-583 : Gun Lubricant
is a special extra strength formula that conforms to Military Specifications for “ Cleaning Compound, Solvent “ ( for bore of small arms and automatic aircraft weapons. It is the ultimate cleaning product for removing copper and powder fouling, as well as plastic wad residue.Lifts and removes lead and carbon deposits.
 EXTRON ESF-583 : Gun Lubricant
 EXTRON ESF-584 : Pressing Oil
 EXTRON ESF-585 : Drawing Oil
 EXTRON ESF-586 : Form Oil
 EXTRON ESF-583 : Gun Lubricant
 EXTRON ESF-600 : Marine Outboard Motor Oil NMMA Certified TC-WII / TC-W3
 EXTRON ESF-601 : Napthenic Oil
 EXTRON ESF-650 : Diesel Fuel Additive ( Upper Cylinder Lubricant ) 1:50
 EXTRON ESF-651 : Gear Oil Additive ( Dilution 1 : 5 )
 EXTRON ESF-652 : Bunker Fuel Oil Additive ( 1 : 2000 )
 EXTRON ESF-653 : Hydraulic Oil Additive ( 1 : 20 )
 EXTRON ESF-654 : Engine Oil Additive Both for Gasoline & Diesel Engines
 EXTRON ESF-655 : Lube Oil VI Improver